Recycling Oil Products

 Dispose of Waste Oil

As specialists in the handling and recycling of waste and oil, King Oil Services can help you safely dispose of your used oil. Rather than paying to have it hauled to a disposal facility, let us take it and turn it into something useful. You will be doing something right for the community and for your bottom line.

Take advantage of green energy incentives offered by the state and federal government and turn your waste oil into a revenue stream. Call King Oil Services at 610-772-4707 today!

Regular Pickups

When we carry out your regular oil or gas deliveries, we can also pick up your used oil too. And that's it; we will dispose of it so that you don't have to. Choose convenience and peace of mind, choose King Oil Services.

No More Hazardous Materials Fee

Stop paying extra to get rid of your waste oil. When you send it to us, we will be able to re-refine and resell the oil so we don't have to charge you what our competitors do.
Call us at 
610-772-4707 for our oil product recycling services.
Dependability is our watchword. If we quote a price on oil and gas delivery that's what you will pay - every time. Call us today!
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