Energy Conversions Services

 Oil to Gas Energy

The United States is producing more natural gas now than ever and that means you have the opportunity to SAVE on your monthly energy bills by converting from oil to natural gas. King Oil Services has the licensed technicians you need to make that switch possible.

Take advantage of green energy tax credits when you cut emissions by switching to natural gas. Contact us today!

Gas to Electric

Depending on your needs, you may be able to save money on your utility bills and on your insurance premiums by switching to an all-electric model. Find out if electric is right for you by calling today.

Tank Removal

Are oil tanks causing you headaches? Let King Oil Services take them off your hands. We are skilled in the safe removal of all oil infrastructures. Call us today and we will get rid of the mess.
Call us at 
610-772-4707 for our energy conversion services.
When you send your waste oil with King Oil Services, we will be able to re-refine and resell the oil so we don't have to charge you what our competitors do.
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