Electric Energy

Professional Electricity Consulting

You aren't stuck with your local utility. Save money every month when you trust King Oil Services to find you the best possible price on your electrical bill. Our relationships with major suppliers enable us to find deals that are out of reach for most businesses and individuals.

Stop wasting money every month and start paying a truly competitive price for your electrical services. SAVE 5 - 10% on your monthly electrical bill with the help of King Oil Services. Call us at 610-772-4707 today!

Don't Count on the State

Electricity prices are no longer regulated by the state of Pennsylvania and that means that you can't count on utility companies providing services at the price you are used to.

We Will Get You the Best Price

Turn a potential problem into a golden opportunity when you trust King Oil Services to find you the best contract on electricity. Don't let the lights go out on your business, call us at 610-772-4707 today.
Call us at 
610-772-4707 for our electric energy services.
Take advantage of green energy incentives offered by the state and federal government and turn your waste oil into a revenue stream. Call us today for more information!
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